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Personal Stylist - Men & Women.

I combine a true love of fashion with a strong desire to get great results for people.

I spent many years working in fashion, beauty and lifestyle PR before training as a personal stylist and personal shopper. This experience is invaluable in understanding how fashion dictates what is available to us and instrumental in knowing how to make it work for you.

I have also enjoyed an extensive corporate career with a FTSE 100 company and know the impact personal presentation makes in the workplace.

It was a huge eye opener for me and has made me feel far more confident.

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My Philosophy

It's important to me to build great relationships with my clients and the people in the stores they shop in.

I want to give the best to my clients and keep in regular contact with them after we have worked together. I share tips through newsletters and they all appreciate that I am available by phone, or email, if they want to ask me anything.

Thank you so much for your guidance, patience and sense of fun!

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