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What a happy time I have had with Kate on two occasions! The first was to review my wardrobe and the second was a shopping trip to fill in the gaps! I cannot recommend her highly enough. Fabulous!

Suzanne Denham

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Kate, you've trained my eye to look at my body and see the shape I have

Kat Thompson

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Kate also suggested having a couple of items altered so they would complement my shape bettter and she was right, I love those clothes now

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Val Payne

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Client Testimonials.

I came across Kate because I noticed a colleague (who was always attractive) started to look just spectacularly good and she confessed to using Kate's services. Kate is just astonishing. I'm a very senior working woman and so time poor that my shopping habits had become 'safe' or completely not joined up. In common with so many of us I also have 'body issues'. Kate has been a revelation. She has opened my eyes to colours I would have avoided, and shapes I thought I could not wear. The result is that most people think I have lost at least a stone - I haven't - and I get regular comments praising my outfits, so I increasingly trust her to get me out of my comfort zone.

Caroline Kean


Thank you so much for your guidance, patience and sense of fun! I learnt a lot about taking a wider view and trying things even when I am not too sure at first sight. I am looking forward to packing for our trip away now - elegant stylish and fun. Once again thank you so much!

Sarah Joy


After receiving a few recommendations, I recently asked Kate for her help with both my wardrobe and for personal shopping experience.

In a word she is 'superb'. She quickly grasps who you are and the style you are trying to project and so easily transforms it into reality.

I love the fact she does a pre-shop and you just breeze into the relevant shops and all your clothes are waiting for you to try on. She has a great rapport with all the various shops, which makes for an even more enjoyable experience.

She gives sound, honest advice on what does and doesn't work for you and your shape. She would never let you buy something that didn't work for you. I have ended up with a number of items that I would never have picked up and tried on, but they look beautiful and portray just the look I was eager to achieve!

Fiona Huck


Kate started with a Q&A session about lifestyle and aspirations of style and then we went through my wardrobe piece by piece. Kate talked about why pieces worked or didn't work for me and we discussed my body shape and what were my best 'bits'!

All in all I now know why so many last minute sales buys have been a disaster and what my style looks like within my own wardrobe of clothes. I have a shopping list for some key pieces that will help pull it all together, but more than that I was able to confidently chuck out items I'd had for years that no longer or sometimes never worked for me. I feel liberated and confident that I can now put my clothes on and look great!

Emma Charlton


Kate carried out a wardrobe assessment for me and after just a couple of hours I seemed to have a totally new wardrobe by understanding how things could be combined in a way I hadn't 'seen' but more importantly I have subsequently saved lots of money on not buying clothes 'I liked' but by buying clothes that 'like me', I get fab comments from strangers now!

Jane Scrivner


I really can't stress the difference Kate has made to me, she is a lovely person to be around and you don't feel self-conscious or pressurised to buy. I tried on items that I would never have looked at and of course when I now wear them I am complimented by everyone.

It was a huge eye opener for me and has made me feel far more confident. This was a pleasure and I just know that it has actually saved me money.

Pauline Locker


First Kate got to work sorting out my clothes into a workable order so we could really see what we could keep and work with and removing the 'horrors' which I knew existed but couldn't bring myself to re-home as they still had the tags on! Once that was done it really became clear I only needed a few key items that would bring everything together giving me a fresh new look. Kate also suggested having a couple of items altered so they would complement my shape better and she was right I love those clothes now. What a difference Kate has made to my wardrobe and my confidence.

Val Payne


Kate is simply fantastic. We set a budget and she helped me source a wardrobe of clothes that I wear all the time for work and leisure and feel simply fabulous in. Over the years I have wasted loads of money on ill-fitting clothes which stayed in my wardrobe until I gave them away. Kate is worth every penny and has ensured that my wardrobe works and I get great value from it.

Marianne Sweet

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