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Workplace style

Kate is an intuitive style consultant. She has introduced me to outfits that I would never have thought about and totally transformed my look and confidence.

Jane Muller

Work Place Style.

Making a positive first impression can be a huge asset in our work lives. Job interviews, new business pitches, networking, internal meetings, these are all opportunities for us to give a good 'visual' account of ourselves.

How we look communicates who we are without us saying a word, because over half of our communication is done through non- verbal cues.

It is within our power to make sure that we present ourselves in the best possible light.

So, what can you practically do to make sure your image says all the right things about you in the work place? Let me show you how.

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  • Corporate Workshops for men and women

BBC Radio Gloucester invited me to talk about the 'Matilda effect' and whether we should all be doing this?

Dress for the job that you want not just the one you have